Care Suite
Multi-channel support for mobile devices
Administration Portal

CommuniTake Administration Portal manages the Remote Care platform’s facilities. The Administration Portal centrally defines which users will operate the system; under which administrational hierarchy users will utilize the system; what care tools will be available for users; and what provisioning and monitoring can be performed on the users.

Core Capabilities
Permission Scheme


CommuniTake Administration Portal allows detailed permission schemes for the use of the system features. The set of the allowed features is grouped under a profile. The profile enables complete flexibility to direct whether the feature is enabled to the user and the manner in which it will be used by the user. The permission scheme is completely configurable and can vary between deployments.


Users and Groups Management


CommuniTake Administration Portal enables flexible user management in which every user is allocated to a group. Each group operates according to a detailed permission scheme profile that is applied to its members. 


System Monitoring


CommuniTake provides a detailed snapshot of server connectivity and performance. The administrator can easily set the connectivity for each server to ensure seamless worldwide operation.


Recordings and Replays


The CommuniTake Administration Portal allows complete recordings of the remote support sessions. The recording includes all the support advisor activities, the device replica view, device diagnosis and session’s attributes. Replays can be viewed in the system or published for view as a MOV file.


Performance Reports


The Administration Portal provides detailed performance reports for support sessions and for support advisors. The reports contain parameters illustrating the support operation and the relative performance of support advisors by various key performance indicators.