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Dropped Calls Monitoring

Device owners are utilizing their devices across multiple services and are interacting across multiple uses channels, creating huge amounts of context insights.


Service providers are capturing massive volumes of communication events and users’ behavioral data. They are looking to understand use implications through Big Data operation and sophisticated predictive analytics. The quest is to produce information that is actionable when mapped to customer context in real time.


CommuniTake realizes that the real value comes in being able to extract the right data at the right time. CommuniTake helps service providers to derive relevant meaning with another important data of the user experience: dropped call events. CommuniTake collects, accumulates and maps dropped call events, complementing significant piece in the mobile experience puzzle. Dropped call events include all the parameters of the event including device information and the geo-location of the event. With dropped calls insights, service providers can garner a powerful multidimensional view of the customer: network centric, account centric and now device centric.

Collect real mobile device centric experience. Monitors and accumulates dropped call events.
Map mobile experience. Geo-maps dropped call events.
Provide detailed analytics on mobile experience. Delivers advanced analytics on dropped call events and their parameters via an integrated BI platform.