Total Mobile Security and Productivity

The IntactPhone is a game-changing mobile endpoint protection platform, providing organizations with powerful, in-depth defence against mobile cyber-crime.

IntactPhone consists of specially-manufactured hardened device, a custom-mobile operating system with security enhancements, encrypted voice calls and messages, command and control center across devices – optimized for mobile security, complete remote control technology and self-troubleshooting application.

IntactPhone’s leading mobile security foundations, along with infused granular use policies and enforcement and technical assistance tools pioneers better mobile security, better manageability and better productivity for both corporate owned devices and bring your own devices.

Why choose the INTACTPHONE?
  • Delivers true multi-layered approach: hardware, firmware, applications and networks.
  • Blocks access points and attack vectors used for cyber-crime.
  • Built from the ground up on hardware of trust, secure boot-loader and safe drivers.
  • Eliminates security breaches which originate from commercial mobile devices.
  • Protects communications and storage through a natively-integrated architecture.
  • Providers all-in-one-solution for mobile security, manageability and productivity.
  • Enables hybrid COPE / BYOD deployment. 
Who is it good for?

Organizations and businesses with secretive communications in mind such as: governmental agencies (police, federal), utilities firms, law firms, emergency services, private security agencies, financial entities (banks, insurance, stocks) and more.


Core Capabilities

The IntactPhone is a one-of-a-kind solution that provides a true multi-layered solution across mobile security, mobility and productivity. IntactPhone delivers on the following differentiators:

  1. A unified solution built from the ground up. CommuniTake develops and integrates all the solution components: hardened device, custom operating system, central command center, encrypted communications and remote control technology. All the components are fully integrated and embedded within one platform via one vendor.
  2. Fused command and control center. IntactPhone uniquely combines smart enterprise mobility management capabilities with the mobile operating system making it a monolithic component. The user cannot bypass the central policy enforcement by uninstalling the on- device application.
  3. Anti-eavesdropping functionality. The IntactPhone was built to protect against mobile eavesdropping. For that, it supports dedicated central governance features that defend against modern wiretapping techniques such as activating device resources from afar, listening to the surroundings, penetrating conference calls and more.
  4. Enhanced mobile frameworks. The IntactPhone is built on proprietary frameworks that create camouflage against cyber-crime vectors. The cyber attacker cannot utilize common Google services and access the device for malicious actions.
  5. Trusted components. The IntactPhone solution is built on trusted hardware, secure boot-loader and official device drivers with smart extensions for better security. The solution integrates only known and clear components with no hidden code and no need to hack changing unsecured commercial firmware.
  6. Unique security utilities. IntactPhone applies security enhancements such as highly encrypted disk, same-day security patches and crowd analysis to track and eliminate cyber-crime threats.
  7. Productivity tool-set. The IntactPhone is the only solution that comprises built-in best-of-breed remote control technology and self-troubleshooting functionality. These tools assure always connected users and effective remote support by technicians and security experts regardless of time and location.
  8. One stop-shop. The IntactPhone is delivered by CommuniTake Technologies that provides the development, patches and support. The operations are managed by highly competent experts with total familiarity with the solution’s code and functionality.
  9. Future-ready mobile security solution. CommuniTake personnel are a mix of developers from the elite military cyber units, hacking experts and telecom veterans. This mix ensures cutting-edge technology, innovative functionality crystal clear vision for game-changing mobile security solution.

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