Care Suite
Multi-channel support for mobile devices


CommuniTake provides ISVs and Enterprise Application Developers an easy to use SDK for custom developed enterprise applications on iPhones and iPads. With the CommuniTake iOS SDK, ISVs and Enterprise Application Developers can remotely support their applications ensuring successful use and high value. 


Why choose iOS SDK?
  • Reduces operating support outlays through better support efficiencies
  • Decreases applications downtime via remote support
  • Facilitates improved mobile experience through close monitoring
  • Improves application built by leveraging hands-on experience insights
Who is it good for?

Application developers who are looking to enhance the use of their mobile applications by providing high quality support from afar via remote control technology.

Core Capabilities
Device Screen View

CommuniTake iOS SDK empowers support advisors to remotely view the device screen in real time. Support advisors can view all the application driven activity that is performed on the device, troubleshoot problems and guide on better use.

Single Click Installation

Support advisors can remotely install applications in a single click, eliminating the need for complicated guidance. 

Data Management

CommuniTake iOS SDK empowers developers to view log files and edit, copy and paste data into the devices application’s file system.

Device Information

CommuniTake iOS SDK provides support advisors with insightful device information including, device name; battery level; OS version; jail broken status; location and more. 


The iOS SDK enables textual communication between the support advisor and the device holder for more fluent dialog when voice dialog is not clear.