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Multi-channel support for mobile devices

You are battling over every user in a highly dynamic market. The constant push for better performing and more appealing devices leaves the new device holders frustrated and unable to utilize the device to its utmost. Enterprise Mobility Management creates another pressure on you when you are looking to capitalize on the lucrative business customers but encounter the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend.


CommuniTake can provide you with another competitive edge.


With CommuniTake, you can offer improved built-in issue resolution. The enhanced self-reliance capabilities contain on-device repair application, support by the community, diagnostics data collection, dropped calls insights and readiness for remote support from afar. CommuniTake can equip devices with new resolution capabilities that users love and service providers desire. It is a win-win situation in which users utilize the devices for better mobile experience and service providers cut support costs via self-service operation.

Improve user satisfaction and loyalty. Allows self-reliance on issue resolution via an on- device repair app.
Enable better device utilization. Built-in intuitive navigation shortcuts and real-time insights on device operation, including invite a friend feature for guidance by the community.
Create support readiness for service providers. Delivers embedded capabilities for publication of device diagnostics and problem description for shorter discovery phase. Allows rapid remote control set up by support advisor.

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