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Modern Enterprise Mobility Management is as much about managing mobile applications as it is about managing mobile assets. Businesses are facing a chaotic state in which they need to deploy their own applications, manage applications in BYOD programs and control hazardous applications. CommuniTake Mobile Applications Management uniquely combines comprehensive applications management, automated applications deployment and applications support.

Enable easy applications purchasing Operate via an enterprise catalog; integrate the Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP).
Automate applications deployment Mass deployment of applications via policies; silently install mandatory applications and remove prohibited applications; define lock mode; guide on applications operations via remote control.
Deliver advanced applications security Restrict or disable access to applications; flexible applications use definition in BYOD programs by time or by location; activate automated enforcement on compromised devices.
Provide applications analytics Track whitelisted and blacklisted applications; pre-defined visibility into applications use and the compliance with policies
Empower self service Install recommended applications from the enterprise catalog; view on-device applications attributes; run on-device applications diagnosis