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Apr 2018
CommuniTake Technologies, the leader in high-security mobility management, announced the introduction of its new ruggedized IntactPhone R2. This handset is designed to protect security-minded organizations, operating in both harsh and corporate environments, against mobile cyber-attacks.

Sep 2017
CommuniTake Technologies, a leading provider of mobile security and productivity solutions, announced today that the Critical Capabilities for High-Security Mobility Management Report by Gartner, published August 24, 2017, has acknowledged the company's Intact Mobile Security Platform for its ability to meet market requirements.
Feb 2017
CommuniTake Technologies, a frontrunner in Mobile Enterprise Security, has today announced the availability of a new managed mobile security suite, delivered by Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs), to enable organizations to safely communicate, differentiate security levels, protect against cyber-attacks, and simplify security management.
Jan 2017
CommuniTake Technologies Announces Global Distribution Agreement with American International Radio Inc. for IntactPhone Mobile Security.
Agreement sets the stage for global availability of IntactPhone in over 60 countries.
Nov 2016
CommuniTake Advances Intact Mobile Security Platform, Expands Suite with Addition of IntactPhone Rugged Lineup to Further Enable Mobile Enterprise Security in Harsh Conditions.
CommuniTake today announced plans to expand its Intact Mobile Security lineup to help customers perform highly secure mobile communications and defend against mobile cyber-attacks while enduring hazardous use situations.
Oct 2016
CommuniTake Technologies announced today that its Intact Mobile Security platform is the first and only to incorporate five unique security and privacy technology components: mobile device resources camouflage; proprietary push-notifications; highly encrypted device disk; use of countermeasures against cyber-attacks; and crowd-analysis for threat detection.
Feb 2016
The OEM partnership co-innovates around mobile security to protect organizations’ mobile communications and confidential business data in a highly competitive world.
Feb 2016
CommuniTake’s new mobile security platform enables intra-company safe communications using rich multi-layered mobile security, built-in security enhancements, and the power of end-to-end encryption
Feb 2015
CommuniTake Technologies was selected by CIO Review technology magazine as one “50 most promising Internet of Things Companies 2014”.
Jan 2015
CommuniTake Machine Care Will Provide Micronet Tablet Users an Improved Mobility Experience and Remote Support
Sep 2014
The new release enables complete secure device, voice and text communications and enhances in-store demo devices management
Feb 2014
The new release extends CommuniTake Total Mobility platform to help operators unlock support challenges and provides enterprises with improved, verticals ready mobility management
Nov 2013
Infused with best-of-class self-service solutions and built with proactive care leveraging a central diagnostics database, the CommuniTake Care portfolio helps CSPs differentiate themselves and execute on support demand across all customer touch points.
Nov 2013
The CommuniTake multi-channel support suite helps communication service providers to unlock support challenges with tangible results
Apr 2013
Investment allows Cellebrite to leverage CommuniTake technology to provide mobile carriers advanced phone diagnostics solutions
Feb 2013
New capabilities enable operators to provide preventive care, assisted care and efficient care, across multiple mobile operating systems and customer facing channels
May 2012
The New Remote Support Method is the Industry's First to Allow Full Remote Control for Android Devices without Need for Firmware Changes or Client Pre-installation.
Apr 2012
The New On-Device Diagnostics and Repair Capabilities Provide Opportunities for Service Providers to Drive More Self-Service Support, Deliver Higher Support Quality Experience and Save Operating Cost
Feb 2012
This mobility management and remote support platform creates new opportunities for service providers to generate revenue streams and save on operating costs, while extending enterprise customer offerings in a white label model
Jun 2011
CommuniTake Remote Support platform delivers clientless remote iPhone configuration.
Mar 2011
Communitake is the world's first to pre-install remote support on commercial Android devices