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Communication service providers are capturing massive volumes of customers’ events and behavioral data. Operational support systems and business support systems provide insights on the customer lifecycle and customer interactions. Service providers derive meaning from all this data toward allowing better customer experience. At times, the customer interaction is not the positive experience that service providers intended. However, crucial data is still missing in capturing the real occurrence of mobile experience issues: the device centric mobile experience. CommuniTake provides that. CommuniTake collects device diagnosis, software test results, hardware test results, device auto and manual repair actions, dropped call events and application derived problems to provide the unique data that truly operationalizes the customer experience data. With CommuniTake device centric insights, service providers can move from reactive response, to proactive actions. CommuniTake provides the readiness to identify the potential occurrence of issues, and to proactively execute actions to address these issues. Actions can be context-specific and personalized to the device holder.

Build central database of device diagnosis. Accumulates device diagnosis data in a central database including test results, repair events and device information.
Create meaningful mobile experience data beyond the network and the account data. Collects and geo-maps dropped calls events to complement mobile experience analysis.
Explore actionable insight via advanced data analytics. Integrates BI platform for advanced and flexible data exploration.
Push recommendations and fixes across devices. Deploys timely fixes across devices via central management of data or releases management.