Care Suite
Multi-channel support for mobile devices
Scripts Engine

CommuniTake Scripts Engine allows system administrators to assemble and format resolution flows. The easy and flexible build maximizes the way support advisors fulfill various support routines. The resolution flows are available to support advisors through the Remote Care solution. 

Why Choose Scripts Engine?
  • Improves support metrics via better one-and-done support practices
  • Reduces training outlays for novice advisors via automated resolutions
  • Increases advisors’ impact through up-to-date best practices
  • Optimizes readiness for new devices while maintaining knowledge for dated devices  
Who is it good for?

Organizations who wish to quickly deploy support best practices and look to align to supporting new devices by self-defining resolution flows.

Core Capabilities

CommuniTake Scripts Engine provides granular actions similar to the ones that a support advisor takes. These actions allow to: invoke an application; present messages; download and install an application; activate on-device key-press; open a URL address; pause an action; jump to another action and more. 


The Scripts Engine’s resolution can contain a single click action or a sequence of several actions. There are three resolution types: (1) single action of service initiation or installation; (2) multi-step textual guidance; (3) multi-step flow containing a mixture of service activation, textual guidance and branched flow based on the contextual input of the support advisor.


CommuniTake Scripts Engine enables flexible deployment of resolution scripts for devices and for accounts. Every script is linked to device models. Every combination of a resolution and a device model is mapped to an account, allowing customers to specify which resolution scripts they wish to enable their support advisors