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Secure Mobile Email

The Secure Mobile E-Mail projects emails and attachments from a dedicated secure server onto the mobile device when the user wants to read them. Corporate email and credentials are never stored on mobile devices. Employees can read their corporate mail from any of their mobile devices. It features simple, user-friendly security. The Secure Mobile Email empowers employees to read their email from their personal smartphones and tablets, while maintaining security, accountability, compliance, and a natural user experience. 

Why choose Secure Mobile Email?
  • Keeps corporate data secure, prevents loss and theft
  • Provides centralized management and reports
  • Eliminates the need for email containerization
  • Enables seamless, natural user experience
  • Allows cost effective deployment 
Who is it good for?

Businesses that are receptive to enhance their enterprise mobility with highly secure but non-intrusive control over enterprise email.

Core Capabilities

With Secure Mobile E-Mail, the corporate email and passwords are never stored on mobile devices. Data is projected from the Secure Mobile E-Mail server onto the device when required. All data transmissions take place over an encrypted channel (SSL).

Access control

Secure Mobile E-Mail supports multi-factor authentication based on password, device ID, and location. It enables real-time access control based on user identity, device type and risk, context (time, location), and content. Sensitive content can be masked, blocked and filtered.


Secure Mobile E-Mail provides usage and risk dashboard. It allows defining organizational and individual security and regulatory compliance policies including timeouts, black/white lists, location-based restrictions, filtering and more.

Native user experience

Secure Mobile E-Mail enables employees to access corporate mail from their native mobile apps – no need to install a dedicated app and no need for separate applications or a container environment.