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Secure mobility is a salient concern of connected organizations. Mobile security should deliver on flexible strategy, across users’ actions and content and for ownership agnostic devices.


CommuniTake delivers on all the security imperatives of the mobile business. It ensures secure enterprise mobility deployment and protects devices, applications, content, data, email and networks.


CommuniTake provides the flexibility to implement various levels of security deployment including standard security, advanced email security with no email presence on the device and top level security, leveraging Check PointTM access software.

Enable device security Device ownership agnostic security; enrollment by admin invite only; comprehensive restrictions configuration; seamless compliance monitoring; remote data recovery actions.
Provide application security Blacklist and whitelist applications; maintain web application inside a secure container.
Deliver content and email security Secure container for messaging and SharePoint files; automatically disable access and wipe content if a device is non-compliant; several deployment options for a native user experience: (1) standard container for secure messages and view only of SharePoint files; (2) enhanced email security where no emails and credentials reside on the device; (3) highly secure container for all business data including controlled access via Check PointTM access control software.
Support access control Access only by admin invite; compromised devices are blocked out; ability to leverage the Check PointTM access software.
Enable automated compliance management Continuous monitoring of devices’ compliance to mobility directives; automated event driven reinforcement actions.