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Mobile workers prefer self-reliance to get resolutions to their device issues rather than contact companies via telephone or email. Service Providers are looking to reduce operating costs by shifting costly inbound calls to less expensive self-service channels.


CommuniTake Total Care suite, offers a holistic approach to the mobile worker experience. With CommuniTake, you will be able to provide a seamless customer experience across multiple self-service channels—from the device itself and proactive care, to your corporate website and users’ community—delivering the kind of service that makes you a winning brand. CommuniTake empowers mobile workers to self-troubleshoot device issues anywhere, at any time, through the channel they prefer, without support advisor assistance. Your business customers will reward you for that.

Allow self-recovery from stolen / lost device scenario. Delivers self-service portal containing remote locate, lock, wipe, backup and restore capabilities.
Enable self-troubleshooting for always connected mobile workers Provides on-device repair application for device diagnosis and auto repair functionality.
Collaborate with colleagues to mitigate risks of malfunctioning fixes. Allows device holders to invite colleagues from an on-device app to assume complete control over their device and perform guidance from afar.