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Making the most of mobility via Simple
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What is Active Care?
CommuniTake provides an intelligent multi-channel care across customer touch points. No matter where the device holders are, they will always be able to resolve issues or get assistance from a support advisor.


On-web for self troubleshooting tailored for your customers

CommuniTake provides device holders with customized remote access tools for better more efficient care practices. Device holders can activate one-click resolution macros on the target device embedded in structured resolution flows.

Efficient and effective support leveraging remote access and control technologies
CommuniTake provides support advisors with remote access tools for better care practices. Support advisors can view on-device tests results and diagnostics; view on-device applications names, the application’s resource consumption and installation date; and activate one-click navigation and installation macros on the target device. Support advisors can assume complete control from afar over mobile devices and provide support as if they are holding the device in their hands regardless of its location. Solution highlights: target device screen view; complete operational replica; automated resolution scripts; on-device screen graphical guidance; device diagnostics; on-device applications and data management; one-click APN setting; chat and more. For iOS devices, the system allows diagnostics, remote device configuration via profiles, real-time screen capture sharing and an application specific remote access SDK.