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Telecom rates are falling across the industry. Paradoxically, many businesses fail to see these decreases in their own communications costs. At times, these costs spin out of control.


CommuniTake usage control provides you with cost avoidance. CommuniTake detects potential unnecessary expense or surplus costs in advance, allowing you to avoid incurring them in the first place.


CommuniTake usage control simplifies the management of your telecom expenses and achieves substantial savings with greater visibility and near real time monitoring.

Eliminate redundant usage and bill shocks. Monitors usage across communications types and alerts device holders and administrators on possible exceeded usage beyond a defined threshold.
Monitored usage by the organizational structure and mobile policies. Enables the definitions of flexible usage plans by calls, messages and data, both local and roaming and allocation to pre-defined devices groups.
Activate a near real time control over usage regardless of external systems. Accumulates usage based on the internal counter of devices, with no dependency on integrated billing systems.