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The Threat

WikiLeaks dump shows CIA can hack ‘anything, anywhere’

WikiLeaks’ release of 8,761 pages of internal CIA documents indicates that the agency has built a monstrous stockpile of cross-platform cyber-weapons that make hacking and mass surveillance possible through connected devices and household gadgets. It allows the governmental agency to spy on anyone without a warrant.

The CIA can intrude into servers, computers, smartphones and electronic communications despite a range of advances in cryptographic communications tools. Given past experience, it is very likely that this capability is now (or soon will be) in the hands of people other than the CIA.

It clearly shows that:

  1. There are still many security breaches that the cyber community and the public are not aware of;

  2. HLS agencies do not share the vulnerabilities they discover with the vendors and keep this value for themselves;

  3. Advanced hackers simply attack vulnerable endpoints, without the need to decrypt protections; in mobile devices hacking into the device breaks all encryptions at once, but more importantly, it enables vast wiretapping and reading of sensitive data;

  4. Hacking divisions with no accountability are building massive hacking operation;

  5. At the end of the day, advanced surveillance is being performed via visual and voice components;

  6. Conventional known cyber defense is not effective.

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The IntactPhone Protection

So, what’s in this revelation for connected device users? What’s in it for you?

All the things that seem like science fiction movie plots are really true. No one is safe. And like in science fiction movie plots, you need to think out of the box to triumph and gain back what is naturally yours – your privacy.

The attack surface is huge, more than you have imagined. You need to narrow it step-by-step. Do not use redundant connected IoT devices and pay special attention to your mobile communications devices.


Step away from the conventional. Use purpose-built mobile devices that minimize your vulnerability and your organization vulnerability. Use devices that:

  • Run on custom-built firmware

  • Provide fully contained environment

  • Operate without Google services

  • Use an abstraction layer over device resources such as camera and microphone

  • Block any unorthodox behavior

  • Allow you to control any use aspect and prevent careless use


Whatever you do, be careful. Always assume that you are hacked.

But, don’t be a sitting duck.

Be proactive and act now to boost the defense over your digital life.   

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