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CommuniTake Technologies Expands Range of Intact Mobile Security Solutions With Managed Security Services Suite

New Intact Mobile Security suite is geared towards managed security service providers




CommuniTake Technologies Ltd 

Feb 28, 2017, 07:50 EST


BARCELONA, Spain, Feb. 28, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- CommuniTake Technologies, a frontrunner in Mobile Enterprise Security, has today announced the availability of a new managed mobile security suite, delivered by Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs), to enable organizations to safely communicate, differentiate security levels, protect against cyber-attacks, and simplify security management. 

Mobile technology has changed the way people and organizations connect. Organizations are increasing their use of mobile, SaaS and social media for critical business functions. At the same time, mobile cyber-crime is a rapidly growing and significant threat. Organizations are not designed to withstand the new revolutionary generation of mobile cyber-threats. They are limited by security-inferior BYOD programs and commercial collaboration applications, which are focused on privacy and lacking enterprise-grade security.

In the absence of an effective and scalable way for organizations to resolve this challenge, CommuniTake Technologies is bringing a unique approach to the market, allowing MSSPs to capitalize on the mobile enterprise security opportunity.

The latest release from CommuniTake Technologies enables MSSPs to offer organizations secure mobile environments so they can take advantage of mobile-first practices, without compromising security. In particular, this ignites new growth engines for telecommunications providers by allowing them to bundle new services and become major players in this domain.


Key CommuniTake Intact Mobile Security suite models include:

  • Secure communications, including fully secure and semi-secure voice calls, secure conference and video calls, contained messaging with encrypted attachments, central administration for remote devices and data recovery.  

  • Mobile productivity tools, enhancing the secure communications feature set with central mobile devices and applications management, real-time monitoring and compliance enforcement, a built-in antivirus and complete remote control and self-troubleshooting technologies. 

  • IntactPhone, a specially manufactured hardware-trusted mobile device, with a purpose-built operating system and fused control. Device can be standard or rugged.

  • Virtual private communications network via on-premise deployment for maximum security within a contained and controlled environment.

The suite can be implemented starting with highly affordable secure communications, and can be complemented by modular enhancements for a higher level of mobile security.

The new suite gives organizations the freedom to implement mobile security solutions that address diverse security needs. The solutions suite is simple to deploy, provides built-in integration, with easy upgrades. 

"MSSPs, especially telecommunications providers, are looking to become trusted advisors for organizational security. Our new managed security services suite enables them to do just that. It is about being more relevant through native expansion and easy delivery of much needed mobile protection", said Ronen Sasson, CommuniTake Technologies CEO. "Organizations can benefit from trusted and managed mobile security services and excellent protection, but with the knowledge that they have got the best value aligned with their daily security use cases. We have already concluded several deals with telecommunications providers from numerous continents and we are experiencing great interest that ratifies our unique portfolio".

Intact Mobile Security models are now available globally.


About CommuniTake Technologies

CommuniTake is a software company that builds security, productivity, and management solutions to guarantee the highest level of mobile security for individuals and organizations.

CommuniTake Intact Mobile Security is a mobile Endpoint Protection Platform that dramatically improves the security of connected and ensures seamless device performance and remediation.devices, provides powerful in-depth protection against mobile cyber-attacks,

CommuniTake specializes in remote access and support technology, mobile operating systems, purpose-built devices and security architecture, ensuring best-of-all-worlds mobile security and productivity solutions. 


Contact Info
Noam Potter
CommuniTake Technologies
+972 4 6968900


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