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The CommuniTake Technologies' DSA-10PFP-05 050200 universal 5V 2A multi-function replacement power supply with seven switching connector plug adapters facilitates a globally-ready power supply for electronic devices.


Essential Requirements

The designated product(s) is (are) in conformity with the essential requirements, according to directives:

  1. IEC 62368-1:2014 (Second Edition)

  2. IEC 60950-1:2005 (Second Edition) + Am 1:2009 + Am 2:2013

  3. 2014/35/EU LVD

  4. 2011/65/EU RoHS

  5. 1907/2006/EU REACH


Standard Applied

  1. CB Scheme IEC62368_1B report number 60370065 001.

  2. CB scheme IEC60950_1F report number 16070146 001.

  3. Reach report number AGC07123181201-002.

  4. RoHS report number AGC07123181201-005.

  5. Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive (2012/19/EU).

  6. EN 55032: 2015; CISPR 32: 2012; EN 61000-3-2: 2014; EN 61000-3-3: 2013; EN 55024: 2010+a1: 2015; CISPR 24: 2010

  7. Group Differences and Special National Conditions:

    1. The product fulfills the requirements of IEC 62368-1:2014 (Second Edition)) for Australia, Canada, Germany, Denmark, Finland, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Norway, New Zealand, Sweden, and United States of America. 

    2. The product fulfills the requirements of EN 60950-1:2006+A11:2009+A1:2010+A12:2011+A2:2013 for Austria, Canada, Denmark, Italy, Sweden, United States of America.

    3. The product fulfills the requirements of EN 60950-1:2006+A11:2009+A1:2010+A12:2011 for Australia, Germany, Finland, United Kingdom, Israel, Republic of Korea, Slovenia.

    4. The product fulfills the requirements of EN 60950-1:2006+A11:2009 for Switzerland, China, Spain, Ireland, Norway, Japan. 

    5. The product fulfils the requirements of EN 60950-1 2006 + A11 + A1 + A12 + A2 AFPS GS 2014:01 Par 3.1 for Germany.

    6. The product fulfills the requirements of AS/NZS 60950.1:2011 including A1 & AS/NZS 3112:2011 including A1-2 App (IEC 60950-1, Ed. 2.0 (2005), MOD); AS/NZS CISPR 22:2009+A1:2010 Class B for Australia and New Zealand.

    7. The product fulfils the requirements of GB4943.1 - 2011; GB9254-2008; GB17625.1-2012 for China.

    8. The product fulfills the requirements of J60950-1 (H26). J55022 (H22) for Japan. 

    9. The product fulfills the requirements of NOM-01-SCFI-1993/NYCE for Mexico.


Standards Applied By Country

The product complies with the safety requirement of the following countries:

  1. Albania: CE safety scheme. 

  2. Andorra: CE safety scheme.

  3. Argentina: IRAM safety scheme. 

  4. Aruba: CE safety scheme. 

  5. Australia: RCM, GEMS.

  6. Austria: CE safety scheme. 

  7. Bahrain: no obligating safety scheme.

  8. Bangladesh: no obligating safety scheme.

  9. Belarus: EAC safety scheme.

  10. Belgium: CE safety scheme. 

  11. Bolivia: no obligating safety scheme.

  12. Bosnia and Herzegovina: CE safety scheme.

  13. Brazil: no obligating safety scheme. 

  14. Bulgaria: CE safety scheme. 

  15. Canada: safety scheme UL 60950-1/CAN/CSA C22.2/60950-1-07/FCC. 

  16. Chile: safety scheme SEC. 

  17. Canary Islands: CE safety scheme. 

  18. China: safety scheme CQC/CCC. 

  19. Colombia: no obligating safety scheme.

  20. Costa Rica: no obligating safety scheme.

  21. Croatia: CE safety scheme. 

  22. Cyprus: CE safety scheme. 

  23. Czech Republic: CE safety scheme. 

  24. Denmark: CE safety scheme. 

  25. Dominican Republic: CE safety scheme. 

  26. Ecuador: no obligating safety scheme.

  27. El Salvador: no obligating safety scheme.

  28. England: CE/BS safety scheme. 

  29. Estonia: CE safety scheme. 

  30. Finland: CE safety scheme. 

  31. France: CE safety scheme. 

  32. French Guiana: CE safety scheme. 

  33. French Polynesia: CE safety scheme. 

  34. Germany: CE-GS safety scheme. 

  35. Greece: safety scheme CE. 

  36. Guadeloupe (France): CE safety scheme. 

  37. Guatemala: no obligating safety scheme.

  38. Honduras: no obligating safety scheme.

  39. Hong Kong: no obligating safety scheme. CB 62368 scheme.

  40. Hungary: CE safety scheme. 

  41. Iceland: CE safety scheme. 

  42. India: BIS security scheme.

  43. Indonesia: no obligating safety scheme.

  44. Ireland: CE/BS safety scheme.

  45. Israel: SII safety scheme. 

  46. Italy: CE safety scheme. 

  47. Jamaica: no obligating safety scheme.

  48. Japan: PSE safety scheme. 

  49. Kazakhstan: EAC safety scheme.

  50. Kuwait: TER registration form.

  51. Kyrgistan: EAC safety scheme.

  52. Latvia: CE safety scheme. 

  53. Liechtenstein: CE safety scheme. 

  54. Lithuania: CE safety scheme. 

  55. Luxembourg: CE safety scheme. 

  56. Malta: CE safety scheme. 

  57. Malaysia: CoA.

  58. Martinique: CE safety scheme. 

  59. Mayotte: CE safety scheme. 

  60. Mexico: NOM safety scheme. 

  61. Moldova: CE safety scheme.

  62. Netherlands: CE safety scheme. 

  63. New Caledonia: CE safety scheme. 

  64. New Zealand: RCM safety scheme. 

  65. Nicaragua: no obligating safety scheme.

  66. Northern Ireland: CE/BS safety scheme. 

  67. Norway: CE safety scheme. 

  68. Oman: no obligating safety scheme.

  69. Pakistan: no obligating safety scheme.

  70. Panama: no obligating safety scheme.

  71. Paraguay: no obligating safety scheme.

  72. Peru: no obligating safety scheme.

  73. Philippines: no obligating safety scheme.

  74. Poland: CE safety scheme. 

  75. Portugal: CE safety scheme. 

  76. Qatar: no obligating safety scheme.

  77. Reunion: CE safety scheme. 

  78. Romania: CE safety scheme.

  79. Russia: EAC safety scheme. 

  80. Scotland: CE/BS safety scheme. 

  81. Serbia: Serbia CoC. 

  82. Singapore: PSB safety scheme. 

  83. Slovakia: CE safety scheme. 

  84. Slovenia: CE safety scheme. 

  85. South Korea: KC/KCC safety scheme. 

  86. Spain: CE safety scheme. 

  87. Sri Lanka: no obligating safety scheme.

  88. St. Barthelemy: no obligating safety scheme.

  89. St. Martin: no obligating safety scheme.

  90. St. Pierre: no obligating safety scheme.

  91. Sweden: CE safety scheme. 

  92. Switzerland: CE safety scheme. 

  93. Taiwan: BSMI safety scheme. 

  94. Thailand: no obligating safety scheme.

  95. Ukraine: CoC, RoHS. 

  96. United States: safety scheme UL 60950-1/60950-1-07/FCC. 

  97. Uruguay: no obligating safety scheme.

  98. Venezuela: no obligating safety scheme.

  99. Vietnam: no obligating safety scheme.

  100. Wales: CE/BS safety scheme. 

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