Total Mobile Security and Productivity

Protect your business data and increase workforce productivity with a comprehensive Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution. Go beyond assets and policies management functions into the realm of Total Mobility:


  • Deploy central security-focused provisioning and control over corporate-owned and Bring Your Own Devices in your organization; Deploy highly secure communications to maintain confidentiality and privacy;
  • Automate processes with dynamic and intelligent policy engines to alleviate manual tasks;
  • Configure devices with policies, restrictions, apps, settings, content, and more, all over the air;
  • Automate and streamline device issue resolution via built-in remote control technology and self-troubleshooting application


Why choose IntactMobility?
  • Military-grade secure mobile communications
  • Simple, essentials-focused mobility management
  • Threat detection across Wi-Fi connection, cellular network, and apps
  • Built-in performance assurance toolkit for better mobile work
  • Smart, affordable and easy to set solution
Who is it good for?

Organizations that are looking to protect mobile communications, gain more control over their mobile assets, and generate improved productivity through seamless mobility. Organizations that prefer a smart and easy to manage mobility system, at an affordable cost.

Core Capabilities
Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Enable rich policy controls over your entire fleet of devices with a comprehensive, and highly secure MDM solution. Deliver the right consistent policies and controls for your organization across IntactPhones iOS, Android™ platforms, and various device ownership models.

Mobile Applications Management (MAM)

Define prohibited on-device applications, mandatory on-device applications, and the enterprise application catalog. Perform dynamic mass distribution of new and updated applications and tracks and monitor compliance with the applicable policies. Maintain a security-defined enterprise app store to deliver the right apps to the right people and to allow employees a single repository to locate, install, and upgrade business apps.

Security Management

Define the correct security posture for various users and groups of devices. Set flexible password policies; keep non-compliant devices from accessing business data; control browser use, and restrict mobile device services. Use proactive defense and enforce conditional access based on user authentication, jailbreak detection, identity stores, browsing control, posture-based access control, time sensitivity, user location, and more. Revoke access automatically if compliance policies are violated or an employee leaves the company. Perform data recovery actions from afar: locate the device; activate the device alarm; lock the device; wipe on-device data completely or selectively; backup and restore data.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Support all models of device ownership. Differentiate the use of applications, web browser, and mobile services, based on the device time and location. Protect users’ privacy by limiting the data collection from privately owned devices, while applying corporate policies and preserving control over business data on personal devices.


Secure the access to business data while maintaining the native user experience. Apply secure access to files inside a secure container.

Usage Control

Monitor in near real-time the mobile usage levels of calls, messages and data – both for local and roaming use. Send alerts on exceeded usage and eliminates bill shock resulting from careless usage.

Device Performance Assurance

Drive employee productivity by remotely control a device and provide efficient and effective support as if you are holding the device in your hands, regardless of its actual location. Mobile workers can share their device with your IT personnel for guidance and consultation, turning every worker in the field into an expert.

Fleet Management

Manage mobile kiosks and point-of-sale terminals while centrally applying consistent security policies and configurations.

Self-Service. Self-Troubleshooting

Put users in control by offering a self-service portal where users can complete tasks like locating, locking, backing-up data and wiping data from lost devices. Enable self-service by allowing employees to subscribe to apps across devices with automated or manual provisioning. Reduce help desk calls with an on-device application that seamlessly tests the device and performs auto repair actions to optimize use everywhere and anytime.

Flexible Deployment

Enjoy deployment flexibility, allowing you to run the platform as a cloud service or on premises delivery. Support multiple employee types (including contractors, partners, and board members).

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