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WhatsApp tsunami

The decisive (old) intent to unify Facebook and WhatsApp data has created a tsunami of resistance among users. It is resulting in a massive shift to more private messaging apps such as Signal and Telegram. Youngers do not really care – they do not use Facebook and take a more tolerant approach about sharing information, including a personal one. Privacy seekers on the other hand are not very forgiving when it comes to breaking the delicate balance of shadowy information processing. One thing though it being forgotten - privacy is not security. Protecting messages inside a private app is nice, but the mobile phone is still vulnerable to exploits in the hardware and firmware level, malicious apps and the immanent careless use. At the end of the day, cybercriminals can penetrate the device, listen and read instant communications, steal information, track location, exercise social intelligence, seize control over resources such as camera and microphone and more. Private apps do not really stop hackers from using all the attack vectors. The bigger the commercial app, the more time they will put to crack it. Those who look for comprehensive and effective defense on their entire mobile use against interception, malicious injection and physical data extraction, should look for dedicated solutions like the IntactPhone.

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