Press Releases
Press Releases
Nov 2016
CommuniTake Advances Intact Mobile Security Platform, Expands Suite with Addition of IntactPhone Rugged Lineup to Further Enable Mobile Enterprise Security in Harsh Conditions

CommuniTake today announced plans to expand its Intact Mobile Security lineup to help customers perform highly secure mobile communications and defend against mobile cyber-attacks while enduring hazardous use situations


TEL AVIV, Israel, Nov. 16, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Organizations are struggling to both keep pace with the mobility promise and defend against an unprecedented number and variety of security threats. Based on feedback from key customers, it is clear that many security-minded organizations face major operational challenges in the environment which their nomadic users face — dirt, dust, moisture, vibration, rain and frequent drops. In-field worriers, such as police and government personnel, need both safe voice communications and protected data transmission to facilitate daily tasks. Nomadic pros such as top executives and subject matter experts must be productive via anytime, anywhere mobile connectivity and performance without compromising security. At the same time, IT departments are ought to solve cyber-crime hazards in a complex attack-intense reality. These imperatives function across business directives such as military service, mission-critical utilities, public safety, and first response. The growing necessity for reliable, secure, and manageable mobile devices has led to new CommuniTake rugged device additions.


The extended suite is comprised of a duo of IP68 certified devices that fuse the security space with the rugged space to help organizations streamline secure mobility:


IntactPhone RP1: a highly rugged smartphone built to endure demanding conditions with the most robust materials available.


IntactTablet RT1: a new purpose-built rugged tablet meeting organizations’ most demanding operational needs.


These devices combine ground-up rugged design and security-first software offered in two formats:

  1. Rugged hardware with CommuniTake security-rich IntactOS operating system and applications layer. This addition offers a specially manufactured rugged device, custom-built operating system, encrypted communications, secure push-to-talk, command and control center, threat detection, proprietary services (replacing Google services), global app store, antivirus, remote control technology, and self-troubleshooting app. This solution enables better security via hardware of trust, secure boot, trusted drivers, enriched ROM for granular use control, and robust eavesdropping resistance. The end state is minimal attack surface and effective recovery from malicious attacks.
  2. Rugged hardware with a commercial Android operating system and the Intact applications layer. This addition supports all the Intact Mobile Security elements with the exception of the ROM extensions, hardware of trust procedures, and proprietary services. It introduces a friendlier cost alternative with safe communications, central governance, and assured productivity.

“Mobile security needs increasingly extend beyond the compromise of encrypted communications and BYOD programs, and protecting the mobile endpoint is a must,” said Ronen Sasson, CEO, CommuniTake Technologies. “The new CommuniTake Intact rugged lineup brings exceptional security, manageability, and productivity to rugged enterprise mobility. We are seeing tremendous initial customer interest; including from organizations that are looking to replace their obsolete iDEN-based push-to-talk devices with modern multi-purpose field-ready workstations. Our new amendments allow us to offer a holistic security solution to organizations with various use personas without scarifying central IT control. Our differentiated mobile security is truly the difference between winning and losing.”


The Intact rugged devices will be available in mid-March, 2017.


About CommuniTake Technologies

CommuniTake delivers a game-changing mobile security and productivity platform. It natively integrates a specially-manufactured mobile phone, custom-built security-rich OS, encrypted communications, virtual private network, command and control center, and remote takeover technology to provide organizations with powerful in-depth protection against mobile cyber-crime.

The CommuniTake Omni-channel support portfolio unifies a one-of-a-kind solution for social support by the community, self-troubleshooting app, and remote assistance tools, thereby facilitating better device performance and support experience, while reducing service outlays.

CommuniTake personnel are a combination of developers from elite military cyber units, as well as hacking experts, ensuring cutting-edge technology. CommuniTake products are used by foremost operators and businesses worldwide.


CommuniTake Technologies Ltd.
Noam Potter, (+972)-4-6968900

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