Press Releases
Press Releases
Oct 2016
IntactPhone Takes Mobile Security to the Next Level

IntactPhone raises the bar on battling mobile cyber-crime and eavesdropping


YOKNEAM, Israel, Oct. 25, 2016. CommuniTake Technologies announced today that its Intact Mobile Security platform is the first and only to incorporate five unique security and privacy technology components: mobile device resources camouflage; proprietary push-notifications; highly encrypted device disk; use of countermeasures against cyber-attacks; and crowd-analysis for threat detection.


The mobile protection-built platform already consolidates key security elements: these include specially-manufactured smartphone; custom security-rich operating system; encrypted communications; virtual private network across devices; fused command and control center; built-in antimalware; comprehensive mobile devices and applications management; and remote control technology. The new functions were identified by customers as unique empowerment methods to block sophisticated mobile cyber-crime attacks while assuring users privacy and device performance. They form a robust mobile security and productivity platform fulfilling a complete protection framework: Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, and Recover.

Security breaches involving mobile devices continue to increase in frequency, variety and sophistication – most recently with the Trident attack on iPhones, the increase in mobile ransomware threats, and the evolving attacks on mobile banking, to name a few. Organizations are increasingly concerned about safeguarding wireless communications and properly managing enterprise mobile devices. They traditionally deploy a number of security products and agents on their mobile endpoints, including enterprise mobility management, access identity and antivirus products; however, these do not truly address the security threats.

For the security minded organizations, BYOD programs are obsolete. BYOD programs struggle to keep pace and invariably have proven to be ineffective by failing to prevent cyber-attacks on mobile devices.


CommuniTake is offering enterprises a simple and extremely powerful solution to address mobile endpoint risk. With the Intact Mobile Security platform, organizations can prevent cyber-breaches via granular security and control over networks, devices, applications, and users. The new advancements further strengthen the exploit prevention capabilities of the mobile endpoint protection platform:

  1. Mobile device resources camouflage: designed to safely manage device services and prevent malicious activation of device resources via malware and compromised applications.
  2. Proprietary push-notifications: a custom push-notifications mechanism replaces the generic Android notifications process and maintains better privacy for users.
  3. Highly encrypted device disk: robust encryption with a unique password method extends the protection level over on-device data, even if the device was breached.
  4. Use of countermeasures against cyber-attacks: an extra purpose-built control layer over device resources to block penetration techniques and minimize the attack surface.
  5. Crowd-analysis threat detection: using crowd-analysis, the solution quickly identifies exploits in networks and common applications, and alerts system administrators to remediate issues.


“The growing interest in our secure mobile phone proves that CommuniTake Technologies is redefining the mobile enterprise security space with next-generation solutions. Since our recent announcement, we have sold thousands of our IntactPhone devices to law enforcement agencies, governmental organizations, and commercial enterprises all over the world, and we are gaining more and more new orders”, said Ronen Sasson, CEO of CommuniTake Technologies. “This reinforces our holistic mobile endpoint protection approach founded on an architecture built from the ground up with multi-layered defense, hardware of trust, secure forensics-resistant bootloader and official drivers. All of which are an essential foundation in secured phones. Our customers can even audit the code and validate its quality. We provide organizations the ultimate protection against threat vectors and careless use, and an easy way to block security breaches”.


About CommuniTake Technologies

CommuniTake delivers a game-changing mobile security and productivity platform. It natively integrates a specially-manufactured mobile phone, custom-built security-rich OS, encrypted communications, virtual private network, command and control center, and remote takeover technology to provide organizations with powerful in-depth protection against mobile cyber-crime.

The CommuniTake Omni-channel support portfolio unifies a one-of-a-kind solution for social support by the community, self-troubleshooting app, and remote assistance tools, thereby facilitating better device performance and support experience, while reducing service outlays.

CommuniTake personnel are a combination of developers from elite military cyber units, as well as hacking experts, ensuring cutting-edge technology. CommuniTake products are used by foremost operators and businesses worldwide.


CommuniTake Technologies Ltd.
Noam Potter, (+972)-4-6968900

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