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The Threat

Mobile ransomware increases 200 percent

There’s been a 200 percent increase in mobile ransomware detection in Q2, according to Quick Heal. This amounts to nearly 50 percent of the ransomware detected in all four quarters of 2015 combined.


Adware has become a cash-generating machine for hackers. It is being laced with destructive functionalities, damaging or crushing boot sector records and delivering ransomware into targeted systems.


Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) is also increasing in momentum. With RaaS, malware authors sell ransomware along with a customizable kit through the online black market. Cyber criminals can register and download ransomware along with a customizable kit through the online black market customize it and then spread through a variety of infection vectors.


Credit card data theft and fraud are expected to rise in the months ahead as a result of the increased use of mobile wallets.

Additionally, cyber criminals look to spread malware with destructive capabilities in targeted security attacks on major world events (such as the upcoming U.S. presidential election) for monetary or political gain.


Original source: Help Net Security. Read the full article >>>

The IntactPhone Protection

Keen cyber criminals feel like children in a free candy store when it comes to mobile phones. They are extremely soft targets and too easy to exploit.  However, the frantic creativity of cyber criminals is totally based on two attack vectors:

1.    The ability to penetrate the device and its resources.

2.    The ability to intercept communications.

The IntactPhone eliminates the attack surface for these vectors.


The IntactPhone blocks the penetration vehicles:

  • Unauthorized apps and media;

  • Known vulnerable apps (via Antivirus)

  • Applications permissions;

  • In-communications links;

  • NFC;

  • USB;

  • Device resources;

  • Generic APIs;

  • Bootloader;

  • Device disk.


The IntactPhone blocks the abilities to intercept communication:

  • Encrypted calls

  • Encrypted messages

  • Blocking unsecured networks

  • Blocking unauthorized conference call

  • Disguising contacts


In most cases, the criminal mind is more creative and quicker than the defending mind. The IntactPhone does not try to compete with the wild minds of cyber criminals. It simply shuts down their entry points.

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