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Thank you for purchasing the CommuniTake Intact Mobile Security suite.

We are excited to have you as a customer of our world-class high-security mobility management solution.


We have collected the primary resources you need to get started with CommuniTake Mobile Security successfully. Check it out:

IntactPhone administration user manual: The manual provides you with complete guidance on deploying CommuniTake Intact Mobile Security.

IntactPhone Arcane device user manual: The manual provides you with complete guidance on operating the IntactPhone device.

Remote Care user manual: The manual provides you with a comprehensive overview of using the remote device control module. 

Deployment Prerequisites (on-premises): Make sure to familiarize yourself with the deployment prerequisites.

Should you require any support, please approach us through our support center at 

CommuniTake Intact Mobile Security makes it easy to secure, manage, and support your mobile devices via a comprehensive feature set and real-time access capabilities over the devices from afar.

CommuniTake delivers a highly secure mobile communications and management platform. This platform is deployed via IntactPhone - a trusted device with custom-built security-rich OS, built-in encrypted instant communications, OS-fused Command and Control system, threat detection, persistent VPN, antimalware, network monitoring, and multiple performance assurance tools.

CommuniTake Intact Mobile Security Highlights:

  • Encrypted instant communications

  • Antimalware

  • Threat detection

  • Network monitoring

  • Mobile device management

  • Mobile applications management

  • Use restrictions management

  • Browsing control

  • Device launcher

  • Home screen management

  • Use policies by time and location

  • Policies enforcement

  • System Dashboard

  • Panic module

  • Remote support via a complete takeover

  • Self-service portal for end-users


Your Account Manager is available to help you with anything you need.

If you wish to change your plan for using CommuniTake Intact Mobile Security, please approach your account manager.

Best wishes,

The CommuniTake team

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