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Why IntactPhone

Trusted Multilayered Defense

Deploys trusted hardware for secure, authorized-only boot processes, followed by deploying holistic multilayer defense built from the ground up with API level integration.

Ultimate Threat Protection

Blocks malicious attacks and prevents the establishment of connection channels between malware and the attacker. Delivers extensible, comprehensive protection against voice interception techniques.

Superior Governance & Encryption

Provides fused central mobility governance and internal-only enterprise app store that keeps device safe from careless use. Protects secret information on the mobile device from cyber espionage via robust encryption.

Detection & Prevention

Detects behavior-based anomaly in the connectivity, on the device and in applications to discover evasive attacks. Scans applications and files for known threats that keep device and data secure.

Productivity and Performance

Ensures swift recovery from suspicious penetration via complete remote control technology. Facilitates seamless mobility without compromising breadth and depth of security via cloud service or on-premise delivery.

Rapid Response

Countermeasures cybercrime threats through multiple defense layers and rapid response to new cybercrime threats via same-day security patches.

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